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It is the policy of Lawrence Memorial Hospital to admit and treat anyone without regard to race, sex, handicap or religious creed. Admission requirements and assignments of hospital facilities are the same for everyone.

Whether you are being admitted to the hospital for long-term care, or having an outpatient test, procedure, or surgery, you will need to register at the outpatient desk located just inside the Emergency Department entrance.

At the time of admission, you or your immediate family will be asked a series of questions. You will have to supply standard contact information as well as emergency contacts, allergies, next of kin, family doctor, etc.

You will also be asked about organ donation. Every patient, or if applicable a family member, has the option to donate organs and/or tissues. If you want further information you can discuss this with your nurse or physician.

If you are using insurance, you will be required to supply your insurance information. You are also required to bring any physician’s orders you are currently following. If you wish to look at your medical records, you will need some form of identification.

You may also bring your advance directives. An advance directive is a document that explains what to do if you are unable to make your own healthcare decisions. It can detail instructions, or name someone to make those decisions for you. If you do not have one we can furnish the form for completion.

Each patient or next of kin must sign consent forms for treatment and admission to the hospital. Parents or guardians must sign permits for minors.

Release of Information

When you are admitted to Lawrence Memorial Hospital you will be asked to choose whether or not the hospital can release information about your presence and your general condition to visitors and callers. If you wish that information not be released, our staff will respect your decision and will not give information to any caller or visitor, including your close family and friends.

Insurance and Billing/Payment Policies

You must make satisfactory arrangements for the payment of your bill at the time of your admission. To do this, you should bring the following important papers with you for admission purposes:

  • Medical insurance cards and claim form
  • Social Security card
  • Work address and name of employer
  • Name, address, and telephone number of closest family member

As a service to you, Lawrence Memorial Hospital will bill your insurance company. Many insurance plans (including Medicare and Medicaid) limit coverage through restrictions, deductibles, or co-payments. You are responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance. Such amounts are payable in full at the time of your discharge unless other arrangements have been made. After your discharge, you will be sent a complete statement of your hospital account.

While you are hospitalized, you may require the services of specialists (such as a radiologist, pathologist, or consulting physician) in your treatment. These services, along with those of your attending physician, will not be included in your hospital bill; these physicians will bill you separately.

Our trained professional staff will make every effort to assist you with questions and concerns about your billing and insurance information. If you have concerns about your ability to pay your portion of your hospital bill, please ask to see a patient financial counselor.

Identification Band

Once you have completed the admissions process, you will be given a wrist identification band. This band is a safeguard for your protection and should not be removed.

What to Bring
The following personal checklist will help you prepare for admittance to Lawrence Memorial Hospital:

  • Night wear, robe, rubber-soled slippers (hospital gowns are available)
  • Personal toiletries (make-up, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, dentures, etc.)
  • Reading materials and your address book
  • Small amount of money for newspaper, etc.
  • Medications
  • Living will and durable power of attorney

What Not to Bring

  • Please leave the following items at home:
  • Large amounts of money, jewelry, or other valuables
  • Electrical equipment that must be plugged into an outlet, such as heating pads, electrical blankets, hair dryers, curling irons, space heaters, etc.

Young Patients

Lawrence Memorial Hospital recognizes that younger patients have special physical and emotional needs. Therefore, an adult is encouraged to stay with his or her child. One guest tray will be provided at each meal for this person. For the safety of the patient, side rails on the beds may need to remain up even when there are visitors in the room.


All medications you take while in the hospital are prescribed by your doctor, prepared and dispensed by the Lawrence Memorial Hospital pharmacy, and administered by a nurse. Patients are not permitted to administer their own drugs or keep personal medications at the bedside. However, we do ask that patients bring their medications with them so that the hospital pharmacy may review for contraindications or interactions. In the event that your personal medications are needed for your treatment, you will not be charged for their using them. Your medications will be returned to you as you are discharged. The home prescriptions your doctor may order while you are a patient at our facility will need to be taken to a pharmacy to be filled.